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Casa Camilla Boracay Apartments Daily, Weekly One Month Bookings Require 50% Advance Payment

Only 3 Rates Available Low Season June 1 to November 30

1 ) P1200 / night / 1 to 4 persons, Weekly Discount 1 Night Free P7200 / week, Monthly Discount 8 Nights Free, P26,400 / month

2 ) P1600 / night / 1 to 4 persons, Weekly Discount 1 NIght Free P9600 / week, Monthly Discount 8 Nights Free, P35,200 / month

3 ) P2000/ night/ 1 to 4 persons, Weekly Discount 1 Night Free P12,000 / week, Monthly Discount 8 Nigths Free, P44,000 / month

Only 4 Rates Available High Season December 1 to May 31

1 ) P1600 / night / 1 to 4 persons Weekly Discount 1 Night Free, P9600 / Week Monthly Discount 8 Nights Free, P35,200 / month

2 ) P2000/ night / 1 to 4 persons Weekly Discount 1 Night Free, P12,000 / week, Monthly Discounts 8 Nights Free P44,000 / month

3 ) P2400 / night / 1 to 4 persons Weekly Discounts 1 Night Free, P14,400 / week Monthly Discounts 8 Nights Free, P52,800 / month 

4 ) P3000 / night / 1 to 5 persons Weekly Discount 1 Night Free, P18,000 / week, Monthly Discount 8 Nights Free, P66,000 / month

Casa Camilla Boracay Apartments Take Note: Both tricycle "taxi" and Electric taxi land transport available and waiting in line for new arrivals at Boracay Island Cagban Jetty Port. FIRST Left Turn at AKY Gas Station on Main Road down Angol Road to Tree House Resort, Walk straight to the Beach, Turn Right Walk 45 meters past our neighbors, Surfside & 357 Resorts to Casa Camilla with Cowboy Cocina Restaurant & Bella Isa Spa in front who rent our commercial beach frontage on a yearly basis. Turn Right down our right of way to our reception office

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2018 UPDATE: Casa Camilla Boracay has 51 apartments with 43 to 45 Apartments rented and Paid in Advance Yearly leaving 6 to 8 apartments available for short term stays. Most apartments are open studio floor plans from 60 to 70 sqm / 660 to 770 sqft floor areas with easy access to our spacious 4th floor roof garden furnished with tables chairs, hammocks and charcoal grills for barbecues and panoramic view of the sea and garden with large bathrooms, hot showers, Kitchen with Refrigerator & rice cooker, screened and open air private balconies Available year round for shorter term, daily, weekly, monthly, 3 month and six month stays.

Casa Camilla Boracay Long Term Monthly & Yearly Stay Special Discounts

Ever dreamed of living on Boracay for 6 months or one year? Think you can't afford it? Think again! It's affordable and possible at CASA CAMILLA BORACAY APARTMENTS


Robbie & Irene's Bella Isa Salon & Spa Boracay at Casa Camilla Boracay Apartments


Location & Lay-out of Casa Camilla on Boracay Island's Famous White Sand Beachfront- -Our beachfront Spanish style building with the beachfront balcony are 10 meters from the sea's high tide mark, Our 2nd floor and 3rd floor beachfront apartments are rented and paid in advance yearly. ( Fully Paid & Fully Booked Til Aug. 7, 2016  We have 51 apartments , 45 rented and paid in advance yearly ( you're welcome to join the waitlist for 2016) . We have saved the 6 apartments in our large villa for shorter term stays located at the end of the right of way from the beach with all 6 having easy access to our 180sqm ( 2000+ Sq.Ft ) floor area rooftop with tables, chair, hammocks and charcoal grills for small barbecure parties and panoramic view of the sea. All of our ground level cottages which face each other are located behind the front building with a 2-1/2 meter wide right of way in the middle, from 50 to 100 meters to the sea's high tide mark. 90% of all Boracay Beachfront Resorts have similiar layouts.

We will be more than happy to exchange website links with any other Boracay Resort operators so as soon as you add our link we will add yours. Let's join together to help people from around the world enjoy their stay on Boracay Island.

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Ati Atihan, the 3rd weekend of January each year is one of the best festivals in Asia in nearby Kalibo. Dance in the streets for three days together with the local Aklanon groups decorated with an assortment of historical native colors and face paint. We shared our travel adventures and got to know each other on Boracay Island in a special way.  The people you can meet on Boracay are fantastic enhancing the "magic" feeling everyone shares while visiting Boracay Island. So we hope to see you on the beach, share a sunset, have a happy hour drink and get acquainted. FEEL FREE to Ask us anything.
3rd Floor Spacious Apt on top of Front Building & Spacious Open Balcony with panoramic view of the sea, the largest living space floor at Casa Camilla Pic Above & 3 pics Below

Another Happy Camper
Boracay Smiles

Sailing in Local Paraws- What a Life!



Spacious Studio Apartment Daily, Weekly, Monthly Pic Above & 4 Pics Below

Entrance Gate Above and View from 2nd Floor entrance to Spacious Studio Apt